Love At First Sight

I never expected to have a lavender farm.

My husband has always dreamed of owning a farm.  As a city girl, I had no interest in worrying about

Our first look at what will become Lavender Brook Farm.

crops (sod was OK) or animals.   I knew, however that someday my husband would win our debate.  We had no idea that it would happen so soon or that I would be the one encouraging him to purchase now.

Just 50 feet in the driveway, I knew this place was perfect for us.

Straight ahead of us was five acres of lavender coming into bloom.   A total of 6,000 plants in varying shades of blue and purple.  The field was so beautiful – and the smell was incredible.

Beyond the lavender field was an old orchard, a pond, fenced pastures, dense woods and more.   The property even has neighbors close by in two directions.

Aside from a barn and house that were sadly not usable (but we already knew that) the farm met every one of the items on our wish list.

I knew that we found our farm.

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